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Location: South of Seris, Sirintia
Back when all of Sirintia was at war, the massive armies of Seris ferried Welders across the ocean, and enlisted their help in building a massive channel between the rivers Great Atsul and Great Sidad. In case of invasion from Eunda and Yano, which had the two largest armies, as a last desperate measure, the dams at either end could be blown, flooding the channel and wiping out any opposing forces foolish enough to try and pass.

The canyon can only be flooded, however, be the bearer of the crowd. The actual mechanics for doing so is unknown.

King’s Voice
Location: Various, Sirintia
Around Sirintia are several basins. Long tubes constructed by dwarfs. These pipes act as sonorous chambers by which the king may communicate with far regions.

The Moon
Location: What, you daft or something? It’s the Moon!
According to legend Lua’s first act as Goddess of the moon was to travel to it, erecting towering stones at metered lengths around the circumference. These are called points, and there are roughly one thousand of them. The Moon, which is extremely large in the sky, turns slowly, and a new point appears on the right side of the moon, visible to the naked eye, every four seasons.

The Fractured Lands
Location: Central Edjimin
The desert center of Edjimin is famous for its cracked appearance. Large canyons divide and quarter off regions. Many cities are nearly islands, the canyons run so long and so wide. Thankfully, the bridges built by the Welders close that distance somewhat, and the natural deformation of the land has made warfare and land dispute virtually unheard of.

According to legend, the cracks appeared when Sirint and Edji split the land, and form those cracks, the first dragons were born. Dragons themselves have not been seen in 100s of points, and it is believed that they have become extinct.


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