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The Keepers of the Amber Gates
Worship: No one
Primary Race: Drow
Location: Sirintia

The Keepers of the Amber Gates, at the eastern tip of Tiather, think of themselves as impartial bystanders to the actions of the Gods. They charge themselves with methodically chronicling the inner workings of magic, and credit themselves with the discovery of Magic. According to the Keepers, the earth is full of magic, and it is from the earth that the gods draw their power. When Sirint and Edji tore the earth in two, the ripped lands spilled their near-boundless energies. Magic constantly moves upward, out of the earth, to the gods. Sometimes, it chooses a person as a vessel by which their energies may be dispersed, and over the course of that person’s life, they focus a flow of magical energy into the stratosphere, where it is recollected by the gods.

When a person is found abusing magic, or, worse, in possession of magic they were not born into, the Keepers view this as an obstruction of the natural ebb and flow, and bring down justice. It also a crime to not use the magic you are gifted with.

Few are allowed to the edge of Tiather. Judicial hearings are held just in a series of amphitheaters, positioned just in view of the Amber Peaks, but outside of the gates themselves. Punishments are, in most cases, not dire. Fines are the norm, but some of the more severe cases have been known to result in incarceration. There have been no reported death penalties in the last lunar point, but several disappearances of repeat offenders have not gone unnoticed.

The Sirision Guard
Worship: Mixed
Primary Race: Human
Secondary Race: Mixed
Location: Sirintia

The Sirision Guard is the royal Army of Seris, primarily stationed to keep the peace in the land of Seris. They have also been known to act as intermediaries during conflicts of interest in the surrounding states. Through the combined efforts of The Sirision Guard, and the rule of the Marrow Family, there has not been war in one hundred points of the Moon.

The Vigil
Worship: Mixed
Primary Race: Mixed
Location: Sirintia

A group of people who stand on the far side of Sirintia, in an unending vigil. They await three signs, that they believe will come from the sea.

First, the sea will turn purple during sunset.
Second, birds will not fly above the level of the sun.
Third, the shores of Sirintia will come into view.

Those three signs herald, according to them, the end of the world.

Church of the Presiding Ghost
Worship: All
Primary Race: Mixed
Location: Sirintia, Edjimin

This church does not believe that gods can die.

They are also building a ship to sail around the other side of the earth, where they believe the gods live.

Worship: Lua
Primary Race: Mixed
Location: Sirintia

Three hundred points prior, there was a divisive motion with the Church of the Presiding Ghost. A Monk named Napoli claimed that he had a vision of Lua, standing above the ashes of her fellow gods. They believe that while Gods do die, Lua has not, and, therefore, her children, Uri and Alara, are mythical. She is, as they believe, the oldest and most powerful god.

At every point, the church of Lua gathers in Usturn and prays for Lua.

The Welders
Worship: Nala
Primary Race: Giant
Location: Edjimin

The Welders are a nomadic tribe of Giants, wandering the Edjiman Valleys. The society of the Welders is built around a slavery that is inherent to their culture. When a Giant is old enough to walk, they are bound into the long chains that run the length of the tribe. When a giant begins to encumber the walk of the Welders, their hands are cut off, freeing them from their manacles, and they are left to die in the dust.

The Welders are responsible for the long bridges which close the divides between The Fractured Lands, although they do not use the bridges themselves. They claim they are bound into servitude by the goddess Nala, who descended at the beginning of her reign and instructed them to make the desert whole.

Worship: Unknown
Primary Race: Mixed
Location: Sirintia

A group of bandits who wander along the river banks of Sirintia. Little is known about them, only that they seem to network very well and it is believed that the Pliables were members, before being dishonored and made to leave Sirintia.

The Pliables
Worship: Unknown
Primary Race: Unknown
Location: Edjimin, specific whereabouts uncertain

A group believed to be composed of former Clutchmen, deemed too violent or terrible to be a part and cast away to Edjimin, they have been roaming the roads of Edjimin since The Day The Shadow Fell, murdering all in their way, and taking what they desire. They where masks made of black canvas, that hang loose around their heads like the hood of a hanged man.


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