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Location: Sirintia
The land just south of Imrus is extremely treacherous, with tall grass providing camouflage to extremely deadly predators.

The Running of the Lions

An annual tradition in Imrus is the running of the Lions, in which Lions are chased out of the the grass lands and driven across Imrus, and into the river Tansen. This process of searching and chasing is a several day endeavor that only the most brave of Imrus’ Men and Women partake in.

Great Atsul and Great Sidad
Location: Sirintia
These rivers are extremely well traveled trade routes, as the large channel under Seris and the Grasslands above make the region difficult to pass through.

Location: Sirintia
Always a political mess, with leaders lasting no longer than a few years before being ousted by an extremely tenuous democratic process, Rekan was the region to benefit the most from the rule of Marrow. Still, their reputation for petty antics and indecision continues to proceed them.

Location: Sirintia
The land to the west of Ligey is all, supposedly, under its dominion. It uses this to gain political leverage, but the reality that the locals know is that each river to the west is another barrier against unfamiliar and increasingly wild territory. Many forest dwellers, Orcs, Druids, and Elves choose to live here, in the foothills of Usturn, but the strip of land to the left of the river Ranrold is notoriously uncivilized and dangerous.

Location: Sirintia
Few people live north of Usturn, as it’s very cold in the region. However, certain tribes do make do, and it is a popular vacation spot for skiing.

Location: Edjimin
Endine is home to the most fertile land and Edjimin, and, as a result contains 80% of Edjimin’s agricultural industry. No one is actually allowed to live in Endine, as its commodities are so heavily regualted. Sneig and Omul have massive convoys running in and out at every moment, day or night, taking both goods and workers on as their cargo.


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